M.sessilis.JPG (51475 bytes)Micromyrtus sessilis: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a dwarf to small shrub with hairy juvenile growth. Adult leaves are small, only three millimetres long by one millimetre wide, linear, crowded, often overlapping and aromatic.

Flowers are also small, two millimetres across and white or pale pink. What the blooms lack in size they make up for in quantity. In spring they are profuse and conspicuous.

Micromyrtus sessilis has a wide distribution and is found from south-eastern Queensland to south-central New South Wales.

The specimen illustrated is growing in the Torrington State Conservation Area, northern New South Wales. The plants in the Conservation Area develop into mounded ground covers with a one metre spread.

Micromyrtus sessilis could be cultivated in rockeries and native cottage gardens. Tip pruning will keep plants dense and compact.

A similar species is the better known Micromyrtus ciliata.

Propagate from cuttings.