Melaleuca-viridiflora.JPG (36197 bytes)Melaleuca viridiflora: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. The species is known as the Broad-leaved Tea-tree. Not a particularly useful common name. Many Melaleucas have broad leaves and the term Tea-tree usually refers to Leptospermums.
Melaleuca viridiflora is a small to medium often-twisted tree with typical papery bark. The stiff leaves are 6-10 centimetres long and 3 centimetres wide. The cylindrical flower spikes come in a range of colours including white, green and red. The flower spikes are very showy and attract honeyeaters and butterflies. Flowering is sporadic but appears to reach a climax in July and August.
Melaleuca viridiflora is not widely cultivated because of its straggle growth habit and brittle stems. The species would probably not survive a winter at Yallaroo because of the frosts.
Propagate from seed and probably cuttings.
The specimen, in the photograph, was growing near Undara Volcanic National Park. Clouds of butterflies visited the bright green flowers. We were there in July 2004.