M.violacea.JPG (36831 bytes)Melaleuca violacea: is a small spreading shrub that reaches a height of less than one metre. Plants have an unusual flat top. The bark is papery and sometimes corky. Branches are usually horizontal and layered. This gives plants their flat-topped appearance.

The ovate-cordate (between oval and heart-shaped) leaves are pale green to grayish-green. Profuse violet or purple flowers appear from September to December. They are carried in clusters at the base of the leaves. 

Melaleuca violacea prefers sunny sites but is tolerant of some shade.

This Western Australian native is an unusual shrub with its flat-topped growth habit. The plants light up the garden and attract lots of attention during the flowering period.

Melaleuca violacea propagates readily from cuttings and is suitable for rockeries and native cottage gardens. The species would also be at home in a Japanese style garden because of its growth habit.

We have many specimens scattered throughout the gardens at Yallaroo. Visitors often remark on their growth habit and eye-catching flowers.