Melaleuca_tamarascina.jpg (62458 bytes)Melaleuca tamarascina: is a member of the Myrtaceae family.

Melaleuca tamarascina is a medium to tall shrub with papery, cream to brown bark. The leaves are very small, less than three millimetres long, ovate to circular, sessile (without a stalk) and pressed flat against the stem.  The flower heads are also small, about four centimetres long by 1.5 centimetres wide, cylindrical and spike-like. They are usually white or sometimes pink.

Melaleuca tamarascina occurs in south-eastern Queensland in low-lying areas often along streams. The specimen illustrated is growing at Yallaroo on top of our well-drained hill and has proved to be drought and frost tolerant.

The flowers are not spectacular but the foliage is an attractive feature. Melaleuca tamarascina could be incorporated in an informal hedge or as a foreground plant in a native garden bed.

The species name means like a Tamarix.  

Propagate from cuttings.