Melaleuca_nodosa.jpg (39873 bytes)Melaleuca nodosa: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Prickly-leaved Paperbark.

Melaleuca nodosa is said to be a tall shrub or small tree reaching a height of three metres or more. Our specimens, after four years, are less than two metres tall. Plants, observed in the wild, have also been less than two metres in height.

The Prickly-leaved Paperbark has narrow leaves about two centimetres long with a sharp point.

Flowers are carried in small globular heads and range in colour from white to yellow. Blooms appear in spring and early summer. Light pruning after flowering will keep the plants from becoming straggly.

Melaleuca nodosa is found in the Central Coast, North Coast and Central West Slopes of New South Wales as well as Queensland and South Australia.

Propagate from seed and cuttings.