M.micromera.JPG (44905 bytes)Melaleuca micromera: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is a native of Western Australia. The species is considered to be vulnerable because it has very limited distribution. There are now probably more plants in cultivation than occur in the wild.

Melaleuca micromera is an unintentional mimic. Plants resemble conifers when not flowering and are reminiscent of wattles when blooming.

 Melaleuca micromera is a small to medium, upright shrub. The tiny leaves are scale-like and are pressed against the stems. Masses of small yellow flowers are carried in spring both terminally and along the branches. Apparently the terminal flowers are male. This is an unusual feature and we donít know of other Melaleucas that carry flowers of different sexes.

Melaleuca micromera could be grown for cut flower/foliage production. The species could also be cultivated as a foreground plant in a native garden bed or shrubbery.

We have many specimens growing in the gardens at Yallaroo and visitors often mistake this attractive plant for a dwarf conifer.

Prune lightly after flowering and propagate from seed or cuttings. We prefer cutting propagation because the plants flower sooner than seed grown specimens.

The species name means small parts and probably refers to both the leaves and flowers.