Melaleuca-huegelii.JPG (25844 bytes)Melaleuca huegelii: is known as the Chenille Honey-myrtle and is a member of the Myrtaceae family. This species is another attractive Melaleuca from Western Australia. Melaleuca huegelii is an erect or sometimes spreading medium shrub. The small leaves are triangular in shape. In late spring and early summer plants produce large numbers of long, cylindrical, cream-coloured flower spikes.  Melaleuca huegelii flowers light up our garden beds. We have specimens scattered throughout our gardens.

The flower spikes attract many insects (see image) and these in turn bring insectivorous birds to the plants and the garden.

Remove the spent flower spikes to keep the plants bushy and flowering profusely.

Propagate from seed or cuttings. We prefer cutting propagation because these plants will flower sooner than those grown from seed.