M.fulgens.JPG (32513 bytes)Melaleuca fulgens:  is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as the Scarlet Honey-myrtle.

Melaleuca fulgens is an erect shrub that may reach a height of three metres. The leaves are narrow, aromatic and up to four centimetres long. The flowers may be scarlet, pinkish-red, apricot or purple. They are carried in colourful, lateral spikes up to five centimetres long. The specimen illustrated is the purple-flowered form. Flowering is said to occur from September to October. Our plant flowered, for the first time, in May. We also have the apricot-flowered form but this plant has not flowered yet.

The Scarlet Honey-myrtle is a native of south-west Western Australia and is one of a number of spectacular Melaleucas from that part of the world.

Light pruning, after flowering, will keep plants bushy and blooming bounteously.

Melaleuca fulgens could be grown in native shrubberies where the eye-catching blooms will be a feature.

Propagate from seed or cuttings.