M.cardiophylla.jpg (36994 bytes)Melaleuca cardiophylla: is a native of Western Australia and is a small to medium shrub with intertwined branches. The tiny, stem-clasping leaves are heart-shaped (hence the species name).
White flowers are carried in small clusters along the branches. The flowering period is variable but occurs between October and February. The specimen illustrated flowered in mid-January.
Melaleuca cardiophylla is one of our horticultural surprises. At present we have one plant in the gardens at Yallaroo. The specimen was grown from seed but, unfortunately, was not labelled. In January, of 2004, the plantís branches became covered in clumps of buds. When they burst into bloom we were able to identify the species.
Melaleuca cardiophylla could be cultivated in shrubberies and informal hedges. Our plant is about one metre tall.
The species responds positively to pruning. Propagate from seed or cuttings.
We have found Melaleuca cardiophylla to be a colourful and hardy shrub. We will be propagating more specimens, from cuttings, to spread around the gardens at Yallaroo.