Mel_thym.JPG (27004 bytes)Melaleuca thymifolia:  We tend to think of Melaleucas as tall shrubs or small trees. There are also a number of small species that reach a maximum height of one and a half metres. Melaleuca thymifolia comes into this category. Known as the Thyme Honey Myrtle this attractive small shrub has an interesting distribution. The species occurs in Queensland and NSW.  In NSW Melaleuca thymifolia is common in coastal areas and the Central Tablelands. The species then makes a quantum botanical leap and is found across the ranges in the Central Slopes. We have seen plants growing in Goonoo Goonoo State forest near Dubbo.

Melaleuca thymifolia has small aromatic leaves and claw-shaped flower heads. Purple is the usual flower colour but there are also white, mauve and pink flowering forms. “Cotton Candy” has deep mauve flowers and “Pink Lace” has white flowers. The illustration shows flowers of the “normal” form and “White Lace”. Usually the purple-flowered form is the most robust plant. All forms propagate readily from cuttings.