Mel_neso.JPG (27572 bytes)Melaleuca nesophila: Australia is home to at least 200 Melaleuca species. Western Australia has the lionís share of species. Many of these western Melaleucas are beautiful shrubs but are not widely cultivated. There is plenty of scope for horticultural experimentation. Melaleuca nesophila, the Showy Honey-myrtle, is one species that is widely cultivated.  The Showy Honey-myrtle, in some situations will grow into a small tree. Large, globular mauve flower heads appear in spring and summer with sporadic flowers at other times. Melaleuca nesophila is often used in roadside planting and as street trees. In normal situations the plants are frost tender. We have some growing at Yallaroo amongst other plants, which shelter and support them. Some of our Showy Honey-myrtles are about three years old and have survived a number of heavy frosts. These plants have developed into small to medium shrubs. Prune after flowering to maintain dense growth and bounteous blooming. Propagate from seeds and cuttings.  Melaleuca nesophila is classified as a rare plant in the wild. There are probably more plants in cultivation than ever grew in the wild.