M.macronychia.JPG (45070 bytes)Melaleuca macronychia: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and comes from inland Western Australia. Melaleuca macronychia is a medium shrub. The specimen illustrated is about three years old and was grown from seed. The leaves are lance-like in shape and blue-green in colour. The flowers are the most striking feature of the species. They are bright red and shaped like their close relatives the Callistemons or Bottlebrushes. The blooms are six centimetres long and four centimetres wide. Flowering begins in summer and is reputed to continue for many months. This specimen flowered for the first time in January 2004. We were very impressed by the flowers.
Propagate from seed and cuttings. We have taken a large number of cuttings so that in the future Melaleuca macronychia plants will be scattered throughout our garden.