Mel-elliptica.JPG (26294 bytes)Melaleuca elliptica: At Yallaroo we are constantly experimenting with native plants that been rarely or never cultivated on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Our theory is that if a plant will survive and thrive in our harsh and inclement climate then it has an excellent chance of surviving almost anywhere in Australia.

Some years ago we grew some Melaleuca elliptica, the Granite Honey-myrtle form seed. The seedlings were planted about three years ago and this spring (2000) one plant flowered. What a pleasant surprise! The plant produced a number of large deep-red bottlebrush shaped flowers. These beautiful flowers contrasted with the plantís grey-green foliage. Honeyeaters flocked (a pun intended) to the flowers.

Western Australia is the home of this spectacular plant. It occurs along the southern coast. In the wild, plants reach a height of two to three metres. At Yallaroo our plants reach a height of one and a half metres. In future we will be propagating the Granite Honey-myrtle from cuttings. Cuttings are the same age as the parent and therefore will flower sooner than seed grown plants. Our plants have proved to be pest and disease free.

This is one of a large number of Western Australian Melaleucas with great horticultural potential.