London-eye.JPG (18130 bytes)London Eye: The River Thames flows through London and is well served by a number of pedestrian walkways on both the north and south banks. On weekends and public holidays these walkways are used by thousands of people. Between Waterloo and Westminster bridges, opposite Big Ben and the houses of Parliament, there has arisen a huge observation wheel said to be the largest in the world. Known as the London Eye this massive structure is sponsored by British Airways. The Eye is 135 metres high and provides a gentle half hour ride in a space age capsules. Each capsule holds 25 passengers. The Eye is capable of carrying 750 patrons at any time. A circuit takes 30 minutes.
We walked along the Thames during a long weekend and there was along queue waiting to ride on the London Eye. Our time was short so we gazed in awe at this massive Ferris wheel and walked on.
London eye is also referred to as the Millennium Wheel. Officially there are plans to move the Eye to another site in five years. Unofficially the feeling is that the Eye has become so popular, on its present site, that there will be another Civil War if there is any attempt to move the Eye.