Lomandra_longifolia.jpg (84271 bytes)Lomandra longifolia: is a member of Lomandraceae family and is known as the Spiny-headed Mat-rush.

Lomandra longifolia is a perennial herb (without woody stems) that forms a dense tussock reaching a height one metre. Leaves are 50-100 centimetres long, flat or somewhat concave in cross-section.

Flower clusters are up to 25 centimetres long and carry male and female flowers. Blooms are cream or yellow and may be fragrant. Flowering extends from August to December.

Lomandra longifolia is a widespread species whose distribution extends from northeast Queensland through New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania and South Australia.

The Spiny-headed Mat-rush is common on Yallaroo. Kangaroos and Wallabies will eat the fibrous leaves.

Lomandra longifolia is extremely hardy and is becoming popular as a low care landscaping plant. Many variants are becoming available. “Katrinus Deluxe”, Nyalla and Tanika are some of the handsome cultivars that are appearing on the nursery scene.

Propagate from seed or by clump division.