Livistona-nitida.JPG (29724 bytes)Livistona nitida: is known as the Carnarvon Fan Palm and is a member of the Arecaceae family (previously known as Palmae). As the common name indicates this species grows in Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland. It is common in the Carnarvon and nearby Isla Gorges where it grows along stream banks and on rocky escarpments. The Carnarvon Fan Palm grows into a tall tree with fronds up to 4.5 metres long. The fronds form a stiff, open crown. The copious, glossy, black fruits are about two centimetres in diameter.

Livistona nitida has taken to cultivation in coastal and inland areas. The species will tolerate medium frosts.

The specimens illustrated were photographed in July 2004 on a visit to Carnarvon Gorge. In this area the species grows together with Macrozamia moorei.

The Carnarvon Fan Palm may adapt to cultivation in containers. Propagate from fresh seed that may take two to four months to germinate.