L.strigosa2.JPG (37151 bytes)Lissanthe strigosa: is a member of the Epacridaceae family and is known as Peach Heath. L.strigosa1.JPG (48637 bytes)

Lissanthe strigosa is a small shrub that may sucker. The leaves are small, stiff, dark green above with parallel veins. The small flowers (left image) are tubular, white or pink and may be profuse. Blooms are said to be sweetly-scented. The drupes (fleshy fruit enclosing a seed) are pale green with a sweet taste. In the future they may have potential as bush tucker (right image).

Peach Heath has wide distribution and is found in various habitats from Queensland to Victoria as well as Tasmania and South Australia.

Lissanthe strigosa may form sparse colonies. Peach Heath is a native of Yallaroo where spindly plants grow singly throughout our woodland.

Peach Heath although common in the wild is rarely seen in cultivation. This is a pity because both flowers and fruits are attractive features. With some tender loving care Lissanthe strigosa would become a dense, many-flowered shrub. In the wild plants are not at their best because they are usually struggling for survival.

Propagation is from seed that must be fresh or cuttings from new seasonís growth.