L.brevipes.JPG (35746 bytes)Leptospermum brevipes: is known as the Grey or Slender Tea-tree. It is a tall shrub or small tree with upright growth habit and pendulous branches. The small leaves are grey-green. In late spring the ends of branches become covered with small white flowers. Foliage complements the flowers.

Most Leptospermums grow naturally near watercourses although they cope very well with dry sites in cultivation. In the wild, Leptospermum brevipes is happiest when growing on rocky sites in poor soil.

After flowering the seed capsules open and release their seeds when mature. Most Tea-trees retain their capsules.

Leptospermum brevipes is native at Yallaroo. Initially we had a small population but this has increased dramatically since sheep and cattle were removed.

Tea-tree Creek is close to Yallaroo and was named after the large population of   Leptospermum brevipes that grows on the rocky outcrops above the creek.

Propagate from seed and cuttings.