L.Rudolph.JPG (31809 bytes)Leptospermum Rudolph: is a hybrid Tea Tree whose parents are Leptospermum spectabile and Leptospermum morrisonii. This is one of a number of hybrids developed and promoted by a nursery in southern New South Wales .
This range of hybrids usually has Leptospermum spectabile, a rare species from New South Wales, as one parent.
Leptospermum Rudolph is a medium to tall shrub with purplish new growth. From late spring to summer large red flowers appear along the branches. The flowers are similar in size and colour to the blooms of Leptospermum spectabile.
Leptospermum Rudolph is a splendid shrub that has proved to be hardy, fast growing and free flowering in the gardens at Yallaroo. Foliage and flowers are eye-catching features.
This hybrid Tea Tree should be planted near the front of a native garden bed so that foliage and flowers are easily seen.
Prune after flowering to ensure dense growth and plenty of flowers.
Propagation should be from cuttings to retain this hybridís desirable features.