Leionema_elatius.JPG (37700 bytes)Leionema elatius: is a member of the Rutaceae family in common with the native Correas, Croweas and exotic citrus.

Leionema elatius was previously known as Phebalium elatius. A number of Phebaliums have been moved to this new genus. Personally we found Phebalium easier to pronounce.

Leionema elatius is a small to medium shrub. Leaves are small, about two centimetres long and strongly aromatic when crushed. This is a characteristic of the genus.

Flowers are white, about one centimetre across and held in terminal clusters. Blooms are profuse and conspicuous appearing in spring. A light pruning after flowering is beneficial.

Leionema elatius is considered rare in nature and fortunately has been recently introduced into cultivation. The species has proved to be hardy and free-flowering.

There are two subspecies: Leionema elatius ssp elatius and Leionema elatius ssp beckleri. The specimen illustrated, growing in our garden, is the former subspecies.

Propagate from cuttings.