Leafcutter.JPG (23823 bytes)Leafcutter Bee: the image shows neat circles taken out of  rose leaves. The plant is in a container on our back patio.
Leafcutter Bees (Megachile species) are responsible for the removal of these leaf sections.
Leafcutters are large greyish insects about the size of a Blowfly. The bees have orange hair on the face and an orange tip on the abdomen.
Leafcutters are noisy insects making a high pitched sound as they move from flower to flower.
Leafcutter Bees build solitary nests using pieces of cut leaf. They favour plants with soft leaves such as roses and Buddleja.
Nests are built in crevices lined with cut leaf pieces. Leafy brood cells are constructed, one for each juvenile bee.
We have observed many native bee species visiting our plants but have never seen a Leafcutter, only the results of their visits.