Leprotund.JPG (32983 bytes)Leptospermum rotundifolium, the Round-leaf Tea-tree, is a dwarf to medium shrub. The species occurs on the South Coast and Southern Tablelands of NSW. Our specimen is from the South Coast and has large purplish-pink flowers, which appear in large numbers in spring and early summer.

There is a cultivar known as “Julie Ann” that develops into a mounded ground cover with pale mauve flowers.

The tall form is common in bushland at the northern end of Morton National Park near Fitzroy Falls. At Yallaroo the Round-leaf Tea-tree has proved to be colourful, hardy and frost resistant. Our plant is over six years old. Propagate the tall form from seeds or cuttings. “Julie Ann” should be propagated from cuttings to maintain the cultivar’s characteristics.