Lep-NE.JPG (36012 bytes)Leptospermum nova-angliae: is known as the New England Tea Tree and is a medium to tall, spreading shrub. The bark is flaky and the small leaves are elliptical in shape. In late spring white flowers cover the branches. The flowers are about one centimetre in diameter. As with most Tea Trees, the flowers are followed be persistent woody capsules. Both the botanical and common names indicate that this species is found mainly on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and extends into southern Queensland. New England National Park is one of the strongholds of this Tea Tree. It is often the dominant understorey shrub in sclerophyll forests in the Park. Leptospermum nova-angliae has proved to be tolerant of drought and frost. A minor shortcoming is that the flowering period may be short during dry periods. Leptospermum nova-angliae is ideal for inclusion in native hedgerows and shrubberies.
The species propagates readily from seeds and cuttings.