Kunzea-Warrum.JPG (18295 bytes)Kunzea species: Many years ago we were given some plant material from an unknown Kunzea.  The material was collected during a flora survey of the Warrumbungle Ranges in north west of NSW. It is reputed to be a hybrid between Kunzea parvifolia and Kunzea ambigua. Regardless of its parentage, this medium shrub has proved to be hardy and free flowering. We have numerous specimens scattered through the gardens at Yallaroo. The plants have small, aromatic leaves, upright growth habit and are covered with mauve flowers in spring. This is one of our most colourful spring flowering natives.
Kunzeas are members of the Myrtaceae family. Their flowers are similar in structure to those of the Leptospermums or Tea Trees. Their capsules release their seeds at maturity. Their flowers are rich in nectar but because individual blooms are small exotic honeybees usually ignore them. This makes the flowers an important food source for native insects.
All Kunzeas propagate readily from cuttings.