K.ericoides.JPG (63470 bytes)Kunzea ericoides: is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is known as Burgan.
The species was known as Leptospermum phylicoides. Burgan is thought to be a link between Kunzea and Leptospermum.
Kunzea ericoides is a tall, rounded shrub with aromatic, variable leaves that are more or less flat and narrow-elliptical to oblong.
Masses of white flowers are carried in spring and summer. Flowers have prominent anthers.
Burgan is an attractive shrub and its flowers light up the garden. Pruning keeps plants dense and bushy.
Please Note: In the Southern Tablelands, of New South Wales , Burgan is said to be colonising cleared land. The species may have the potential to become a weed in this area. We have grown Burgan for many years in our gardens with no environmental problems.
Kunzea ericoides occurs in New South Wales , Queensland , Victoria , South Australia and New Zealand .
Propagate from cuttings.