Kingia.jpg (26928 bytes)Kingia australis: was a member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family in company with the better-known Xanthorrheas (Grass Trees) but is now included in the Dasypogonaceae family.
Kingia australis is a native of the south west of Western Australia. In some areas it dominates the landscape.
Kingia australis is a palm-like plant with a solitary, often blackened, trunk that may reach a height of four metres. There is a tuft of grass-like leaves at the top of the trunk and above this foliage there is a number of globular flower-head on stiff stalks up to 40 centimetres long. Individual flowers are star-shaped, creamy-white, crowded and sweetly scented.
There is only one species in the genus.
Kingia australis is a very decorative plant that is extremely slow-growing. The species could be grown as a container plant.
The photograph was taken, some years ago, when we visited Western Australia on a university research expidition.
Propagate from seed. Plants may take decades to mature.