KinchegaNP.jpg (29248 bytes)Kinchega National Park: is situated in far western New South Wales, 113 kilometres south-east of Broken Hill and extends along the western bank of the Darling River, near the township of Menindee.
Kinchega National Park has an area of 44,260 hectares (110,000 acres). The Park is dominated by the Darling River and its overflow system of lakes, drainage channels and small basins. There are also extensive red sand plains.
Large River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) line the river. A number of camping sites have been established along the river under the Red Gums.
The area was a sheep station for over 100 years. It is said that over 6 million had gone through the woolshed in that time.
In 1967 the lease expired and Kinchega National Park was dedicated.  
The Kinchega woolshed has been restored and is a reminder of the European history of the area. The nearby shearers’ quarters are available for accommodation but booking is required.
The river country provided food for Aboriginal people prior to European settlement. Old camp sites and middens are still visible on the plains. These sites should not be disturbed.
Kinchega National Park has two large lakes –Menindee and Cawndilla- are home to large numbers of water birds. Pelicans, ducks, black swans and even seagulls are found in and around the lakes. Red Kangaroos and emus inhabit the sand plains.
Away from the river the flood plains are dominated by Black Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens). The red sand plains are home to many interesting plants including Acacia victoriae, Belah (Casuarina cristata), Emu Bushes (Eremophilas) and Sennas (Cassias).
The Bend Nature and Historic Drive is a self-guided tour with indicators at points of interest.
The photograph shows the site of the Kinchega homestead complete with the remains of corrugated iron tanks. The tall pole in the right background is the trunk of a long-deceased palm tree.
Access is from Broken Hill along the road to Menindee. All the Park roads are gravel and suitable for 2WD vehicles in dry weather. After rain the roads may be closed.