Kennedia-rubicunda.JPG (41388 bytes)Kennedia rubicunda: is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family, known as the Dusky Coral Pea and is a native of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Kennedia rubicunda is a vigorous creeper or climber. The leaves are trifoliate (with three leaflets). Leaflets vary in size and shape, are deep green in colour and have an apex that is pointed or round.

The pea-shaped flowers are up to four centimetres long, carried in clusters in the leaf axils and dull or deep red. The main flowering occurs between August and December but sporadic flowering may occur at other times. Blooms attract honeyeaters.

Kennedia rubicunda is found over a wide range in eastern Australia in a variety of habitats including rainforests, woodland and coastal sand dunes where plants are exposed to salt spray.

Individual plants will cover large areas. In small gardens the vines may smother small trees and other plants.

Dusky Coral Vine is happy growing in sunny or semi-shaded sites. At Yallaroo we found that the vines were severely damaged by heavy frosts. This was in the early days of the garden. We will try to cultivate the species again now that we have more shelter. Plants respond positively to pruning.

Kennedia rubicunda was introduced into cultivation in England in 1788.

Propagate from seed that should be soaked in boiling water for about 15 minutes. Cuttings strike readily if planted without a basal node.