Kardomia_odontocalyx.jpg (44095 bytes)Kardomia odontocalyx: is a member of the Myrtaceae family. This genus name may not be familiar. Until writing this description we had not heard of Kardomia. The species was previously known as Baeckea then Babingtonia. Hopefully this will be the final name for this attractive shrub.

Kardomia odontocalyx is an upright shrub that will reach a height of two metres. The small, linear leaves are aromatic and four millimetres long. Flowers are solitary, white, one centimetre in diameter and appear in late spring and early summer. Blooms are conspicuous and profuse. Prune lightly after flowering.

Kardomia odontocalyx is a rare plant from northern New South Wales. Populations are protected in Torrington State Conservation Area.

Kardomia odontocalyx is a delightful shrub that could be cultivated as a foreground specimen in native garden beds.

Propagate from cuttings.