Jedburgh Abbey: Jedburgh is a town in Scotland on the border with England and is about 60 kilometres south east of Edinburgh. The Abbey is a majestic building founded by David I (a Scottish monarch) in 1138 and is in remarkable condition after centuries of rough treatment by succeeding English invaders.
The site is thought to have Christian connections as far back as 850 AD. During Davidís time there were about 20 churches in Jedburgh.
The destruction of the Abbey probably started in 1305 when the lead was stripped from the roof for English weapons.  In 1523 the Abbey was burned. Then in 1544 the army of Henry VIII attacked the Abbey causing more damage. By the Reformation in 1560, there was not much was left of the magnificent Abbey.
Today Jedburgh Abbey overlooks the town and is surrounded by Jedburgh. We saw this awe-inspiring ruin in April 2002 during a tour around Scotland.