Jacky_lizard.JPG (27969 bytes)Jacky Lizards: The gardens at Yallaroo have proved to be a magnet for a wide range of wildlife. Lizards have found the rocks, stumps and logs, which are scattered throughout our gardens, as ideal sites for soaking up the sun. Jacky Lizards (Amphibolurus species) now occur in large numbers throughout the gardens.
Jacky Lizards occur in southeast Australia from South Australia along the coast and ranges to southeast Queensland. They reach a length of about 20 centimetres (8 inches) from snout to tip of tail. The body is nominally pale grey above with a narrow, pale, dark-edged lateral stripe along the body. We have noticed that Jacky Lizards have the capacity to change body colour to match the background. The image shows a lizard resting on a pale paving stone. If the same lizard was resting on a burnt stump then the body colour would be much darker. Jacky Lizards are active in spring and summer and hibernate in the cooler months. At Yallaroo we have a range of Jacky Lizards from small juveniles to fully-grown adults.