Isotome.JPG (38204 bytes)Isotoma axillaris: is a member of the Lobeliaceae family. The common name is Rock Isotome. Isotoma axillaris is a small, rounded plant that reaches a height of about 30 centimetres. The leaves are light green, lobed and about eight centimetres long. Colourful blue, star-like flowers appear in summer and autumn. The flowers almost cover the plant.
Isotoma axillaris is an ideal plant for rockeries and native cottage gardens. The species occurs in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. In nature the species usually grows on rocky outcrops.
In cold climates plants may die back in winter but will bounce back in spring.
Propagate from seeds and cuttings.
A word of warning: Be careful when preparing cuttings. The stems exude white latex that may cause irritation to sensitive skin.