Hypoxis.JPG (36451 bytes)Hypoxis hygrometrica: is known as the Golden Weather-grass. Another name is Golden Weather Glass. We think that the second name is a typographical error. We do not know of the origin of the unusual name but hygrometrica means moisture showing.
The Golden Weather-grass is a member of the Hypoxidaceae family. There are about 150 species and are found in America, Africa, East Asia as well as Australia. Ten species are native to Australia.
Hypoxis hygrometrica is a perennial herb with a corm (a bulb-like structure). The roots are fleshy-fibrous and the leaves linear, dark green and grass-like in appearance (hence part of the common name). In spring and summer golden yellow flowers appear. They are two centimetres in diameter and individual flowers are carried on a stem about ten centimetres long.
The Golden Weather-grass is found throughout New South Wales as well as Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. It is a variable species with three recognised varieties and grows in moist situations.
Hypoxis hygrometrica grows naturally at Yallaroo and is common, in the grass, on the margins of our dams. The plants are only visible when in flower. At other times their foliage merges with the grass.
We have not tried to propagate Hypoxis hygrometrica but apparently plants resent being moved. Propagation is from seed.
Hypoxis hygrometrica is a colourful small plant and in the flowering season brings colour to the moist edges of our dams.