Hovea-longifolia.JPG (36086 bytes)Hovea longifolia: is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family. This native pea develops into an upright, medium shrub. The leaves are linear to oblong, dark green above and paler beneath. In spring, bluish-purple flowers appear in clusters of two or three along the branchlets. Hovea longifolia is an eye-catching plant when in bloom. This specimen was photographed in woodland near Tamworth, central New South Wales. It is a particularly handsome plant and we were fortunate in acquiring seed from this particular individual.
Each pod that follows the flowers contains two hard-coated seeds. When the pods ripen they split rapidly and shoot out the seeds for some distance. This is a mechanism to ensure seed dispersal.
Hovea longifolia occurs throughout New South Wales as well as Queensland.
The species is not well known in cultivation but has great horticultural potential.
Propagation is from seed that needs to be soaked in hot water, to soften the hard seed coat, before sowing. Propagation may also be possible from cuttings.