Holiday Watering: When we are not groveling in the gravel or writing articles and items for our Web Site we spend time traveling around the countryside. We usually have at least 500 plants in tubes ready for planting at Yallaroo. Watering these plants when we are away could be a problem. We have developed a simple method of holiday watering that allows us to travel without worrying about our babies. A solenoid is fitted in our water line and this is plugged into a simple electrical timer. The timer has a minimum on time of 15 minutes. In summer the timer is adjusted to come on twice in a 24-hour period and in winter the timer comes on once every day. A sprinkler is connected to the water line and this irrigates our plastic house that contains cuttings and seed trays. Plants outside sit in metal trays and hoses feed the trays. The hoses feed water into the trays and plants are irrigated by capillary action. This simple system works very well and we have never had any problems. Even if there is a power cut the system will continue to operate when the power is restored.