Hibbertia_vestita.JPG (22731 bytes)Hibbertia vestita: is a member of the Dilleniaceae family. Hibbertias are commonly known as Guinea Flowers. This name refers to the resemblance of the flower shape and colour to the ancient Golden Guinea coin.
Hibbertia vestita is a sprawling or prostrate plant. The small leaves are dark green with the midrib thickened underneath. Leaf margins are curved backwards. The bright yellow flowers are about three centimetres across, carried on the ends of short branches, profuse and extremely well displayed. From July to September is the main flowering period with sporadic blooms at other times.
Hibbertia vestita occurs in northern New South Wales extending to western areas as well as southern Queensland . Plants from inland populations have a more upright growth habit than their coastal cousins. The specimen illustrated is a coastal plant.
Hibbertia vestita could be grown in rockeries, native cottage gardens and also containers. Well drained, sunny situations suit this Guinea Flower.
is home to about 110 Hibbertia species. They occur in all states and their bright yellow flowers light up the bush.
Guinea Flowers have proved to be hardy and free-flowering but not many species are available commercially.
Propagate from cuttings.