H.cistoidea.JPG (38585 bytes)Hibbertia cistoidea: is a member of the Dilleniaceae family. Guinea Flower is the common name for members of this genus. This name refers to the golden yellow flowers that are said to resemble the golden guinea coin once currency in the old British Empire.

Hibbertia cistoidea is an upright shrub that may reach a height of one metre. The leaves are two centimetres long, rounded and dark green. The under surface is densely hairy and the margins are revolute (rolled backwards).

The large, golden yellow flowers are 2.5 centimetres across and are carried on short, axillary shoots. Flowering occurs in spring and summer. Blooms are extremely conspicuous.

Hibbertia cistoidea could be grown as a foreground plant in native gardens. Plants require good drainage.

Hibbertia cistoidea is found on the Central Coast, Central and Northern Tablelands of New South Wales as well as southern Queensland. The specimen illustrated was growing on a rocky outcrop in the Torrington State Conservation Area, northern New South Wales.

Australia is home to about 110 Hibbertia species. Very few species are cultivated but it is a genus with great horticultural potential.

Propagate all Hibbertias from cuttings.