H.aspera.JPG (37580 bytes)Hibbertia aspera: is a member of the Dilleniaceae family. The common name for the genus is GuineaH.aspera2.JPG (17331 bytes) Flowers. This species is known as the Rough Guinea Flower.
Hibbertia aspera is said to be a spreading, ascending, erect or dwarf to medium shrub with a bushy habit. The specimen illustrated is growing under our back patio and has developed into a dense, scrambling plant with a spread exceeding one metre. This specimen has used other plants for support and has become a climber as well as scrambling amongst other plants at ground level.
Stems and leaves are rough to the touch. The leaves are obovate to oblong, dark green above and whitish beneath with soft hairs.
The bright yellow flowers are about one centimetre across and are produced for most of the year. Spring and early summer are the main flowering periods. Flowers are small but what they lack in size is made up for in quantity. In the main flowering period the branches are covered with cheerful blooms.
We have included two photographs because the flower photo does not show the foliage clearly.
Hibbertia aspera is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia along the coast and nearby ranges.
The Rough Guinea Flower could be grown as a scrambling ground cover in native garden beds. The species will also climb if given support by other plants.
The Hibbertias, or Guinea Flowers, are common throughout the Australian bush. There are about 115 species and 110 of these are Australian endemics. They have cheerful yellow flowers but unfortunately not many species are in cultivation.
Propagate from cuttings.