H.calvertianum.JPG (53242 bytes)Helichrysum calvertianum: is a member of the Asteraceae family and is a small, spreading shrub that reaches a height of less than one metre with a spread of one metre.

The small leaves are linear and dark green above. The flower heads are about 2.5 centimetres in diameter and white. The bracts, that surround the flowers, are rather papery. Flowering is said to extend from August to December.

Helichrysum calvertianum is a rare daisy that is found on the Central Tablelands, of New South Wales. The specimen photographed was growing in the Box Vale Reserve near Mittagong south of Sydney. In the Reserve the daisy grows in large colonies on rocky outcrops. We visit the area frequently, at all times of the year, and have never seen plants without flowers. Perhaps the flowering period extends beyond August to December.

This low growing daisy would be ideal for rockeries and native cottage gardens. The flowers could be used in dried flower arrangements.

Propagate from cuttings and possibly seed if you are able to collect them.