Halgania.JPG (41480 bytes)Halgania preissiana: is a member of the Boraginceae family in company with the exotic Borage and Comfrey. Sometimes, in older publications, Halgania is included in the Ehretiaceae family.
There are 18 Halgania species and all are native Australians.
Halgania preissiana is a native of Western Australia and is a dwarf shrub that often suckers. The leaves are grey-green, oval in shape, wavy with prickly, toothed margins.
The eye-catching flowers are purple-blue, about two centimetres across. Two or three are carried in terminal or axillary clusters. September to February is the main flowering period with sporadic blooms at other times.
Halgania preissiana prefers well-drained sites in full sun or light shade. The species will cope with heavy frosts.
Remove old branches to keep plant dense and bushy.
Foliage and flowers are attractive features.
Halgania preissiana is an ideal plant for native cottage gardens and rockeries.
Propagate from cuttings.
Halgania cyanea is the most widely cultivated species of the genus.