H.pet_flr__leaf.JPG (35641 bytes)Hakea petiolaris: Hakea is one of a large number of endemic Australian plant genera. There are at least 140 species and occur in all states. Hakeas belong to the Proteaceae family in company with Banksias, Grevilleas and Waratahs. Western Australia is the home of a number of Hakeas with large colourful flower heads.  Hakea petiolaris, the Sea-urchin Hakea, is one of these attractive western species. It has proved to be free flowering, drought tolerant and frost resistant. The Sea-urchin Hakea is a tall shrub with large leathery leaves and masses of large creamy-purplish pincushion flowers. Flowers appear in autumn and winter and are followed by clusters of woody fruits. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. A well-drained situation suits this handsome native plant. The gardens at Yallaroo are home to a number of specimens. Propagates readily from seed.