Constable_fruit.JPG (33114 bytes)Hakea constablei is a tall erect shrub with narrow prickly leaves and white spring flowers. Large woody fruits follow the flowers (see image). Flowering is usually prolific. We have a specimen at Yallaroo that is about eight years old. Hakea constablei is an excellent hedgerow plant. The species could also be used as a foreground plant in windbreaks or shelterbelts. Seeds germinate readily and we have also struck cuttings using a gel containing 8000 ppm of IBA.
Up to a few years ago the species was only known from Mount Wilson area in the Blue Mountains. Another population was discovered near Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Between this second site and Mount Wilson is some of the roughest country in Australia. No doubt other populations exist in this largely unexplored area.