H.teretifolia.JPG (38792 bytes)Hakea teretifolia: is a medium, spreading shrub with extremely prickly foliage. The common name is Dagger Hakea. The leaves are up to five centimetres long with sharp needle-like points. In spring and summer the branches become covered in axillary clusters of white flowers. Hakea teretifolia has a long flowering period. Unusual dagger-shaped fruits follow the flowers. Each fruit contains two winged seeds.

Hakea teretifolia is probably too prickly for the smaller garden. The Dagger Hakea would be at home in a prickly hedge or screen in large gardens.

Hakea teretifolia is found along the east coast of Australia from Coffs Harbour, in the north, to Tasmania in the south.

Dagger Hakea is usually found in damp situations but will survive and thrive in well-drained sites. It was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1796.

There is a small, spreading form that grows on coastal headlands. This form may have potential as a rockery specimen.

Propagate from seed.