H.sericea1.JPG (39496 bytes)Hakea sericea: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Silky Hakea.

Hakea sericea is a tall shrub that will reach a height of seven metres. Young growth is light green withH.sericea2.JPG (32150 bytes) silky hairs, hence the common name. Adult leaves are linear, narrow, dark green with a sharp point. Flowers are white, perfumed and often profuse (see left image). The flowering period extends from July to November. Blooms are followed by large, woody fruits that are held on the plant for many years (see right image). Each fruit contains two winged seeds.

Hakea sericea occurs from south-eastern Queensland to south-east New South Wales. The Silky Hakea has become naturalised in South Africa where it has become a serious weed.

The prickly foliage provides safe nesting sites for small native birds. A clump of three or five individuals planted close together would be a useful addition to a bird-friendly garden.   

Hakea sericea grows along the Hume Highway in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney. The foliage of these plants takes on a reddish tinge during winter. There is also a large population along the New England Highway, north of Newcastle in New South Wales. The plants, in this population form impenetrable thickets.

Propagate from seed.