H.salicifolia.JPG (45886 bytes)Hakea salicifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Willow-leaved Hakea.
Hakea salicifolia is a small tree or tall shrub that will reach a height of five metres. The light green leaves are narrowly elliptical to lanceolate.
Clusters of white flowers are carried leaf bases between August and November. The flowers are followed by persistent woody fruits that are egg-shaped and covered with warty lumps.
The Willow-leaved Hakea is a widespread species and is found along the coast and ranges from southern Queensland to southern New South Wales.
Hakea salicifolia is probably the most widely cultivated species in eastern Australia.
We have a number of specimens growing in our gardens. They have proved to be extremely durable and have survived and thrived through droughts and frosts.
The willow-leaved hakea is an ideal plant for informal hedges and screens.
The species used to be known as Hakea saligna.
Propagate from seed.