Hakea-nitida.JPG (39028 bytes)Hakea nitida: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a native of Western Australia . Shiny Hakea and Frog Hakea are common names. The origin of the former name is lost in the mists of antiquity. The latter name refers to the frog-like shape of the woody fruits.
Hakea nitida is a small to medium shrub. The leaves vary in size and range from three to ten centimetres in length with small sharp teeth on their margins. The number of teeth varies from leaf to leaf.
The flowers are perfumed and white to cream in colour. Late winter to spring is the flowering period. The flowers are carried in globular clusters. Woody fruits follow the flowers, are oval in shape with warty lumps and contain two winged seeds.
We have one specimen growing at Yallaroo in a dense shrubbery. This plant is about 1.5 metres tall. The first flowering was in the spring of 2005 (see image). This time the plant only carried a few flowers but should bloom profusely as the plant matures.
Propagate from seed and cuttings that may be slow to strike.