H.multilineata.JPG (36336 bytes)Hakea multilineata: is a Western Australian member of the Proteaceae family and is known as the Grass-leaved Hakea.
Hakea multilineata is a medium to tall shrub with thin, flat, leathery, linear leaves that may reach a length of 12 centimetres. The leaves have many longitudinal veins.
The spectacular reddish-pink flowers are carried in long spikes and appear between June and October. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers. The blooms are suitable for cut flower arrangements.
The flowers are followed by woody, persistent, beaked fruits that are egg-shaped and carried in thick clusters. The clusters are used in dried flower arrangements.
The Grass-leaved Hakea could be cultivated as a “stand alone” specimen or incorporated in native shrubberies.
Hakea multilineata has proved to be hardy and free flowering. Our specimens flowered two years after planting.
Propagate from seed.