H.macro.JPG (26836 bytes)Hakea macrorrhyncha: was originally known as species A with affinities to Hakea propinqua. Hakea macrorrhyncha is a tall shrub (reaching a height of about three metres) with cylindrical leaves crowned with a sharp point. The species has upright growth habit. White flowers appear in spring and are followed by large woody fruits with a prominent beak and covered with rounded blisters. The fruits are about three centimetres long. The fruits are a prominent feature because the foliage may be rather sparse. We have plants that are 10 years old and are still growing vigorously without care or attention. Hakea macrorrhyncha is classified as a rare species because it has limited distribution. The Torrington area of northern New South Wales is a stronghold whilst Gibraltar Range National Park protects another population. Hakea macrorrhyncha would be a useful addition to a native hedgerow or shrubbery. Propagates readily from seeds.