Hakea-lasiantha.JPG (27603 bytes)Hakea lasiantha: is a Western Australian native and is commonly known as the Woolly-flowered Hakea. The species name means hairy flowers.
Hakea lasiantha is a small to tall shrub. The leaves are flat and elliptic to ovate in shape. Young leaves and branchlets are clothed in rusty, woolly hairs.
The flowers are white, somewhat reddish and carried in loose clusters. The long flowering period extends from March to September. Flowers are followed by fruits that are smooth, tapering to both ends and contain two winged seeds.
The species is said to cope with wet soils. We have two specimens growing at Yallaroo. One plant flowered for the first time in spring 2005. This plant produced only a few flowers. The other plant flowered for the second time in 2005. This second flowering was profuse. Both plants are in well drained situations in close company with other native shrubs.
Hakea lasianthoides is a similar species.
Propagate from seed and perhaps cuttings.