Hakea-gibbosa.jpg (48900 bytes)Hakea gibbosa: is a tall, upright, prickly shrub. The foliage is dull green. New growth has a silky appearance. The cream-yellow flowers appear in late autumn to winter. Young flower buds are covered with brown scales. The image shows some unopened flowers. The brown dots are pollen-filed anthers attached to the petal-like tepals. Large woody, persistent fruits follow the flowers. These woody fruits are a prominent feature of the species.
Hakea gibbosa is a native of New South Wales and occurs on the Central and South Coast. This Hakea is common in Brisbane Waters National Park.  In some areas it is a “stand out” plant because of its upright growth habit and large fruits.
Hakea gibbosa could be cultivated in shrubberies or native hedgerows. Its prickly foliage provides ideal nesting habitat for small native birds.
Propagates readily from seed.